Livelihoods improvement for Communities at Sariska Tiger Reserve

Milk processing cooperatives

The majority of households in Sariska villages belong to pastoral communities. The number of cattle distributed in this area is enormous – each household has goats, cows and buffaloes, and some also have camels. Each village produces about 18-20 quintals of milk a day. But there is a lack of facilities for optimal production of processed dairy products. Establishing a milk processing cooperative (for the manufacture of milk cakes, ghee-treated butter, etc.) and transportation to the local market will significantly improve community incomes. The estimated cost is as follows: • Small building – INR 898,400 (= EUR 12,000) • Equipment and tools (storage, utensils, refrigerator, solar panels, etc.) – INR 400,000 (= EUR 6,500) • Miscellaneous expenses (eg formation of a « Cooperative or Producer Society » – INR 129 600 (= EUR 1 900) • Total estimate for a milk processing cooperative is INR 1,428,400 (= EUR 20,400) • We initially propose to create at least 4 milk processing cooperatives. Total cost 81 600 EUR.


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