Environmental Education

Poh Kao invests in environmental education for children and adults to be front line defenders of wildlife and forest.

The Veun Sai Siem Pang forest is a biodiversity hotspot, however, extreme poverty are putting pressure on local communities and the environment. All wildlife species are now Endangered.

Mining, illegal forestry, poaching and increased demand for wildlife as bushmeat, pets or medicines, threaten the ongoing survival of wildlife.

Since 2007, our programs are designed to address lack of environmental education and to instill in youth and communities a sense of pride in their unique natural heritage.

We works directly with school children, community members providing creative, fun and tailored hands-on lessons and activities to help them to improve knowledge about the environment and what people can do to protect it.To understand local wildlife protection laws and environmental issues, and facilitate behaviour change to achieve measurable outcomes for wildlife

Key program objectives

  • Establish environmental education programs in schools and communities
  • Reduce poaching for trade and reliance on, and raise awareness of the repercussions of the bushmeat trade in local communities

Program outcomes

With strong leadership from our team, Poh Kao has facilitated:

  • Significant decreases in hunting of wildlife and the presence of bushmeat in villages
  • Education program reached over 3,000 students and community members,
  • Delivery of educators training to support environmental program,
  • Deliver wildlife protection weekly lessons to at least 2500 students in 5 schools,
  • Delivery of educational resources such as note books, pens, books on wildlife and environment, wildlife cuddle toys, rubbish bins,
  • Conduct Community night shows for more than 3,000 villagers,
  • Provision of posters and billboards signs on schools, commune halls to raise awareness on wildlife protection and knowledge of bushmeat issues in the community,
  • Field trips to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center,
  • Classrooms complemented by practical experiences such as interviewing their relatives about wildlife and tigers, exploring their own environment, planting trees, and keeping their villages clean.
  • Check out this interactive students lessons on forest and wildlife protection

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