Community rangers

At the time of the massive destruction of biodiversity, we choose to work on the front line with local communities. 12 months patrol efforts/ year by community wardens and park rangers.208 people worked as community wardens (139%) an average of 63 patrols/year. Our strategies include: Develop a long-term strategy for addressing the threats from wildlife…

Community Night Shows

Engage whole communities through video on wildlife and habitat protection, wildlife law and Wildlife Alliance hotline number to raise awareness about wildlife laws and penalties for wildlife trafficking.

Wildlife Protection

The anti-IWT initiative Since it’s inception in 2006, Poh Kao aims to strengthen the capacity of people to control their own development, whilst respecting and conserving wildlife/biodiversity. Since 2016, Poh Kao has been assisting the locally based NTFP NGO by providing and transferring the technical skills to allow the organization to effectively implement the initiative….

Wildlife Rescue

Since 2007, we rescued more than 100 animals, most of them are released to the forest, the others are safely transferred to the Wildlife Crime Unit of Wildlife Alliance for care at Phnom Tamao Rescue Center.

Environmental Education

Poh Kao invests in environmental education for children and adults to be front line defenders of wildlife and forest. The Veun Sai Siem Pang forest is a biodiversity hotspot, however, extreme poverty are putting pressure on local communities and the environment. All wildlife species are now Endangered. Mining, illegal forestry, poaching and increased demand for…