About Us

At Poh Kao, we choose to work in the most isolated, wild, and intact places left on the planet where indigenous people and local communities are living, these forests are the source of their families’ livelihoods and well being and the foundation of their cultural identities.

We believe that equitable and unavoidable solutions to biodiversity hotspot destruction, poaching and the illegal wildlife trade (IWT) crisis must support and include indigenous peoples and local communities, must be grounded in local context and local evidence, and must be owned and driven by local people

We are working in 2 priority sites, home of critically endangered species, such as the Bengal tiger at Sariska National Park with Krapavis local NGO in India and the new discovered gibbon at Veun Sai Siempang National Park in Cambodia.

 We are engaging Indigenous People and local stakeholders in direct sound ground protection to help us engage and inspire decision-makers  to take action with us to protect the wildlife and wild places we all care about.

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